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  • Mine Waste Management
  • Environmental Effects

Schafer Limited LLC

...is the environmental consulting practice of Dr. William Schafer, its principal and sole employee. His areas of expertise include environmental geochemistry, vadose zone and surface water hydrology, and soil science. During more than 30 years in the environmental business, Dr. Schafer has assisted Private, Industrial, and Federal and State Agency clients in the following areas.
Mining Services

Mining Services

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

About Bill Schafer

Dr. Schafer has a long track record working in the areas of mining, oil and gas, and expert services. Specific services and past clients are provided for each practice area. My practice is based on the philosophy that creative environmental solutions require a comprehensive understanding of the critical physical, chemical and biological processes occurring in soil, rock, waste and water. With my combined background in soil and water chemistry and hydrology, I provide the following capabilities to assist mining, petroleum, legal and regulatory clients.

Dr. Schafer began his career as a professor of soil science at Montana State University. He conducted research on a variety of issues relating to land reclamation including erosion on surface mined land, overburden chemistry and aquifer re establishment; variability of minesoils and overburden and prediction of soil chemical properties; fate and transport of heavy metals in mill tailings and mining waste; and soil development and plant succession on mined land. He also worked in the area of irrigation water quality, and saline-sodic soil recognition and management.

Dr. Schafer has owned and operated various environmental consulting firms. He began Schafer and Associates in 1985, opening offices in Bozeman, Montana; Golden, Colorado; and Phoenix, Arizona. Shepherd Miller (SMI) bought Schafer & Associates in 1999, where Schafer was vice president for 1 ½ years. He started Schafer Limited LLC in 2001 to return to the hands-on practice of environmental consulting and expert testimony.

Scientific Tools and Evaluation Methods

Geochemical modeling (PHREEQC and Geochemists Workbench)
Water quality assessment
Univariate and multivariate statistics
Predicting water-rock interaction
Fate and transport studies
Water balance studies
Mass load models
Vadose zone characterization
Cover flux modeling (Hydrus and Vadose/W)


Ph.D. Soil Science (1979) – Montana State University
M.S. Soil Science (1976) – University of California at Davis
B.S. Watershed Science (1974) – Colorado State University

Short Courses

MSHA Safety
OSHA Hazwoper
Groundwater Modeling
Advanced Geochemical Modeling
Mediation and Arbitration
NPDES Permitting

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