Barrick Goldstrike Betze Pit Lake The Barrick Goldstrike Mine is located in the Carlin Trend, about 20 miles northwest of Carlin, Nevada.  The majority of the ore mined at Goldstrike is from the Betze-Post open pit, the largest open pit operation in Nevada.  Nevada law requires that the water quality of temporary or permanent reservoirs that may develop in open pits be periodically tested.  Pit water quality prediction is conducted to monitor water quality and the possible impact that it may have on human, terrestrial, or avian life. The geochemical effects of placing 570 million tons of backfilled waste rock into the open pit wereRead More →

The Barrick Goldstrike Mine Waste Rock Management Goldstrike, the largest gold mine in North America, includes the Bazza waste rock facility. At closure there Bazza will contain nearly 2 billion tons of rock covering 2,400 acres at closure. Schafer helped develop waste rock management procedures at Goldstrike including development of criteria for identifying and selectively handling PAG waste rock. The Waste Rock Management Plan incorporated alternative waste rock placement in the North Block Tailings embankment and as backfill in the open pit.  Read More →